This Is How To Consolidate Student Loans

This Is How To Consolidate Student Loans

So many college kids relying on student loans to pay for college can easily graduate with 15 or more separate loans. Are you planning to borrow for graduate school, too? Well, then add a few new loans, interest rates and bills to that list. Let us show you just how to consolidate student loans with our program.

With each subsidized, unsubsidized, Perkins and PLUS loan borrowed each semester or quarter comes with its own interest rate and monthly statement. Keeping eyes on every loan and figuring out exactly what is due each month can be time-consuming, let alone very tricky. By consolidating student loans, you can eliminate a ton of the confusion.

Another interesting fact is that Perkins loans, for instance, gives forgiveness options not available on Stafford or PLUS loans. So, graduates can have up to 100 percent of a Perkins loan forgiven if they enter law enforcement, join the Peace Corps, are deployed with the military or if you are a science teacher, among many other things. We help you check this out if this fits your situation.

Also, Perkins, Stafford and Grad Plus loans offer an income-based repayment option that is suitable for you situation. Consolidation can reduce what can be several loans and payments to just one loan and one payment. That is exactly how to consolidate student loans!

We are “Consolidating Student Loans USA” and our primary goal is to help you learn how to consolidate your student loans. We want you to get out from under that student loan debt and have a monthly payment that is reasonable for you. Free up your time and money by calling us and taking care of your student loans today!
By getting a student loan consolidation, it offers some potential advantages. If  you’re in default on any of your government loans, consolidation might give you the opportunity to get out of default and make a very affordable monthly payment. When interest rates are low, consolidation gives you the advantage of locking in a low rate on your student loans.
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